July 31, 2023



Key officials from Hawai‘i recently attended the Convention, Sports and Entertainment Facilities Conference (CSEF) in San Diego from July 17 to 18. Participants included State Senators, a State House Representative, and employees from the Stadium Authority, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, the Department of Budget and Finance, the Department of Accounting and General Services, and the Hawai‘i Community Development Authority.

CSEF provided the perfect opportunity for persons critical to the NASED Program to gain a greater understanding of current-day (and future) stadium and entertainment facility development trends, to meet with industry representatives, other facility owners, and government officials to benefit from their shared experiences and advice, and to promote the NASED Program.

Themes discussed at CSEF included developing stadiums (and other convention and entertainment facilities) as public-private-partnerships and mixed-use districts – both extremely relevant to NASED. In addition to the significant educational experience from the conference, the Hawai‘i delegation also visited Snapdragon Stadium, a conference sister-stadium. As readers of this newsletter, you have seen how Snapdragon Stadium has been very successful in its delivery and operation.

Over the course of July, the project continued with the Market Sounding process, including hosting several 1-on-1 meetings with potential developers for NASED. These meetings are intended to facilitate engaging discussions on how the State can best structure the project moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Market Sounding and why is it important?

A. In May this year, Governor Green announced a “new direction” for NASED. This new approach is relatively unique, so the State is currently conducting a Market Sounding exercise to test the approach with interested parties and prospective offerors. The intent is to get key feedback and refine and confirm the new approach. Not only does this give the State and the market confidence to move forward in the procurement process, but it should also allow for a more efficient process as well.

Market Sounding for NASED comprises four key elements. First, a webinar was held in June, open to any interested party. This was followed by a Request for Information (RFI) that was published on the NASED website, requesting specific market and industry feedback. After the State considered RFI feedback, it then conducted 1-on-1 meetings with organizations that responded to the RFI. The process will conclude with a Market Sounding report, due in early August. The report will detail key findings and recommendations arising from the Market Sounding process, with the objective of ensuring that the State can move forward with a marketable project and competitive procurement process.

Participation in the Market Sounding process is not a prerequisite to participate in the future procurement process.


Swap Meet Vendor Spotlight

At the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace, you can find discounts on a wide selection of high-quality products from clothing, accessories, Hawaiian souvenirs, and pre-packaged ethnic foods to fine jewelry and vintage antiques. Beautifully handcrafted products and exclusive art pieces are made and sold by the artists themselves. Rediscover what the Swap Meet has to offer as we spotlight one vendor video each month. You can also follow us on Instagram @alohastadiumhi for more vendor videos. For more details on what you need to know before you go visit: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

This month we’re highlighting one of our newest vendors to the swap meet, mother and son duo – Judy & Eric. They offer a variety of products featuring jewelry made with natural minerals (Amazonite, Amethyst, Burmese Jade) to unique handmade crystal gem trees. Focus on your inner strength and manifest your dreams. You’ll find them in the Marketplace Section 13D every Wednesday, and Saturday in Section 13C.

Swap Meet - Keiki & Teen Entrepreneurs


The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace wants to help keiki and teens grow their small business with a FREE BOOTH at the largest open-air shopping venue on the island!

E-Commerce & Online Auction

As the historic facility evolves into a new facility, there’s still time to purchase keepsakes and other items from this renowned venue. Ongoing sales including limited edition memorabilia and commemorative items are available at the Aloha Stadium Online Store and Oahu Auctions.

Calendar of Events

Megabon – Saturday, August 26 | 5:00pm – 9:00pm 

We are excited to announce that Todaiji Hawaii and JCI Honolulu are teaming up to host their inaugural obon festival, Megabon! Located in the heart of Nuuanu, Todaiji Hawaii Bekkaku Honzan, is a local Buddhist Temple that’s considered the “Gateway to the West” for their main branch in Nara, Japan. Todaiji Hawaii is proud to work with JCI Honolulu, a non-profit organization for young professionals.

Megabon will feature a fun-filled night of bon dancing and 60+ booths including food, drinks, festival games, a beer garden, and more. Don’t forget to bring chairs and blankets for the open picnic areas.

For event details visit:

Plan Your Visit to Aloha Stadium

Whether you’re coming by bus, ride share, taxi or the new rail “Skyline”, we’re here to help with your transportation needs. 

This Month in History: Were You There?


Relocation of Aloha Stadium video board to Ching Complex Complete

The video board was broken down into 64 panels for transport and delivered on June 15, with the installation beginning the following day.

On Sale Now

New this year is the “Keiki Season Ticket Package,” available with the purchase of one or more adult season tickets in the Ewa end zone. 1,000 keiki tickets will be on a first come, first serve basis through online sales and the promotion will last until August 4 or while supplies last.

Men's basketball heading to japan

The University of Hawaiʻi men’s basketball team embarks on its first international trip in five years when it travels to Japan for a goodwill tour in August. 

In The Community

Loko I'a Pā'aiau

This 400-year old royal Hawaiian fishpond, Loko I’a Pāʻaiau, located in the Kalauao ahupua‘a in the ‘Ewa moku on the mokupuni of O‘ahu, is a beautiful reminder of the peace, healing, and lōkahi Hawai‘i once had. It was home to Mōʻī Wahine Kalanimanuʻia, who reigned peacefully over the island of O‘ahu in the 1400s. This 6.34 acre loko kuapā, located in the Paʻaiau ‘ili of the Kalauao ahupuaʻa, is listed on the National Historic Register. The sacred site is currently stewarded and restored with the loving hands of many, as a community-based partnership between the U.S. Navy, the Ali‘i Pauahi Hawaiian Civic Club, the ʻAiea Community Association, the descendants and residents of Pāʻaiau, ʻAiea and Kalauao, and the larger community.  


Community Workdays. Saturday, August 5 | 9:00am – 1:30pm 
Open to all, every 1st Saturday of the month. Work for the day may consist of fishpond wall restoration and/ or planting & weeding.
Groups or individuals who are interested in scheduling a weekday workday may email

Kapa Hui ‘O Mānoa. Saturday, August 12 & Sunday, August 13 | 10:30am – 2:30pm
Visitors are welcome to watch kapa practitioners demonstrating kapa making. Those interested in learning must register. 
Kapa classes are held on the 2nd weekend of the month by Aunty Verna Apio Takashima, whose lineage descends from Mōʻī Wahine Kalanimanuʻia, who built Loko iʻa Pāʻaiau over 400 years ago.  Aunty Verna’s most recent kapa moe, depicting her ʻaumakua (deified ancestor) of Puʻuloa and created at Pāʻaiau, is currently on display in the Field Museum of Natural History, in Chicago.  Her kapa class is designed for students who are committed to the preservation of the practice of ka hana kapa; from planting and nurturing the wauke (paper mulberry plant) to gathering dye plants, harvesting, beating and designing a finished piece.
Interested students may email

For more information on how you can volunteer, contact or visit their website at: 

Back to School

Summer is ending and school will start up again for many in August. Here are some tips on how the whole family can get prepared to have a great new school year! 

Hālawa TOD Special District & Zoning

The Honolulu Planning Commission held a public hearing on July 26, 2023, for the TOD Special District and zone changes proposed around the Hālawa (Aloha Stadium) rail station. The proposed changes will expand housing and commercial development opportunities, while facilitating the TOD Plan’s vision for a compact, mixed use neighborhood that encourages walking and biking. 

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Hālawa TOD Special District and zone changes at the hearing and the City Council will now consider them for adoption. 

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