Honolulu Star-Advertiser


June 16, 2021

Updated 6:52 pm

Support NASED and plans for Aloha Stadium

I’m an electrical estimator and a lifelong Honolulu resident.

The current Aloha Stadium has served Honolulu well. Maintaining it is more costly than replacing it.

Why do we always push forward with poorly planned government-run projects and try to destroy plans that have been well thought out and account for the concerns of the community? The rail transit project had little or no rational or community engagement. It is now a disaster and economic burden.

Conversely, the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District (NASED) project is professionally managed and receptive to community concerns. The NASED benefits from the efficiencies and economies that the private sector brings to the table.

The NASED team has demonstrated due diligence through proactive planning and constructive community partnering from the start. Those who are comparing NASED to the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation need to do some homework. They are completely different in implementation and proposed outcome.

Avery Tsui