About The Real Estate Project

Conceptual rendering of the real estate development

The Real Estate Project will comprise the development of approximately 70 acres of the NASED site (conceptually outlined above in blue) and will deliver a mixed-use, live-work-play-thrive entertainment district. Development is expected to occur over 20+ years and include residential market and affordable housing options, hotels, office, retail, commercial, and entertainment uses in a manner that supports the NASED vision and objectives, alongside the new Aloha Stadium.

The Real Estate Project will be delivered via a master developer style arrangement between the State of Hawai‘i and a private developer selected through a two-stage procurement process conducted by the State of Hawai‘i.

The State expects to contract with the selected developer (Master Development Partner) via a long-term ground lease revenue structured transaction (Ground Lease) for the site that will ultimately result in the development of a vibrant mixed-use entertainment district that fully supports the vision of NASED and will generate annual revenue to the State to help offset the cost of the Stadium Project.