An environmental impact statement for the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District site is expected to be concluded by the end of July 2020, according to Crawford Architects, the company hired to conduct the EIS and master plan.

It is the first time since the Legislature signed off on the project in May that a public timeline has been given for the EIS, an environmental study that is required by law.

Kansas City, MO.-based Crawford Architects, which has experience with sports facilities and so-called “P3” – public-private-partnerships – was selected by the state last year to conduct the EIS and master planning at a cost of approximately $5 million.

This past session the Legislature authorized $350 million for the development of the stadium site in Halawa with $180 million coming from reimbursable revenue bonds, $150 million in general obligation bonds and $20 million in general funds.

According to Crawford, “three different options are being formulated for development of the site. Each option contains a new Aloha Stadium at a different location within the site.”

The present Aloha Stadium footprint takes in approximately 96 acres.

In an effort to streamline the process, Crawford said, “the state is undertaking a procurement process in parallel with the EIS. This is to enable input to the EIS process by a preferred developer, who will be identified as part of a competitive procurement process. The process will conclude coincident to the final EIS submission.”

The process is to include a request for qualifications to identify potential development partners from private industry with the interest, credentials and wherewithal to deliver the project and a request of proposals.

The draft and final EIS will be made publicly available and public comment periods and meetings are being planned throughout, Crawford said.

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