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Letters: Support Aloha Stadium redevelopment plans

June 19, 2021

Updated 12:30 am

Support Aloha Stadium redevelopment plans

I was compelled to respond to Chace Shigemasa’s commentary and echo his support for the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District (NASED) (“Stadium project will be community-driven,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, June 13).

There is so much focus on the construction of the new Aloha Stadium, but it is only one small piece of the NASED project’s benefits. The entertainment, housing and community- gathering opportunities that will be built around the stadium will provide an enhanced quality of life for people in our community and across the state.

As Shigemasa indicated in his column, the NASED team has gone above and beyond to work with the community, so that the project planning is responsive to our concerns and issues.

Let’s not allow this important and impactful project to fail.

Chandra Kanemaru
Salt Lake