Aloha Stadium will require “at a minimum” $30 million from the legislature over the next two years to fund needed repairs to keep the facility safe and operable, the Aloha Stadium Authority said at its meeting today.

The announcement came following the authority’s discussion and adoption of a 2018 structural and safety evaluation by its structural engineering consultant, Wiss, Janney, Elster Associates.

The 66-page report identified approximately 200 weathered steel members and 85 panels of lightweight deck that “exhibit severe corrosion.”

Authority chairman Ross Yamasaki said, “While the stadium currently meets health, safety and welfare standards, after 45 years in operation, repair and maintenance issues are mounting. The latest report reveals some previously unidentified issues such as corrosion at the base of the diagonal cross bracing frames at the end zones. It also indicates that corrosion is accelerating which is understandable as the stadium continues to age.”