Honolulu Star Advertiser


By Ferd Lewis

July 1, 2020

The state said it expects to choose three priority-listed developer finalists for the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District by the middle of this month.

Six developer-led groups responded to the request for qualifications in late May and the NASED Phase 1 RFP Evaluation Committee is charged with choosing three or more finalists to receive the requests for proposal later this month.

The draft environmental impact statement and NASED master plan are targeted for release this month as the priority-listed developers prepare their RFP responses.

The evaluation committee is composed of five uncompensated members who, “represent a diverse cross-section of areas pertinent to this procurement,” according to Chris Kinimaka, Public Works Administrator for the Department of Accounting and General Services.

Names of the members are not being publicly disclosed. “We want to ensure that the evaluation committee is not subjected to undue influences as they work to identify the companies that will receive the RFP (this month),” Kinimaka said.

The selection of members was approved by Curt Otaguro, State Comptroller as the Director of DAGS, the state said.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be delivered over five years and includes the new stadium, which is targeted for a September 2023 opening, supporting infrastructure to connect with the HART station and some mixed-use development.

The state is providing up to $350 million for NASED plus what the winning developer adds.